Our revolutionary forecasting software platforms would enable you in performing the most accurate forecasts. Presumably you already have well established methodologies to tackle the challenging questions regarding the future. No matter what your solutions are, we believe our powerful innovative forecasting software will help you to find better and more certain answers to those questions. Our product will be a further reinforcement to protect you and your investors under volatile conditions. Whatever your existing forecasting software or methodologies are, our product will provide an alternative strong opinion or a sanity check on your existing forecasts, i.e. improving the certainty of your forecasts. We believe our product will complement your existing forecasting methodologies. It is our belief that when two or more very different forecasting platforms agree, then there is a strong chance that you have the best forecast results in your hands with the best confidence bands. Our forecasting software platforms rely on revolutionary, automated and non-traditional exception and driver handling mechanisms to achieve the lowest level of risk associated with our forecasts. Our goal at Mathficast Software Services Limited is to help you in having a better vision of future and to be prepared with the best strategy before the disaster and uncertainty strike.

Consider a universe surrounding the phenomenon to be forecast. We see the space where many drivers change in terms of their impact on future. This is the well known cone of uncertainty proposed in the famous article by Paul Saffo “Six Rules of Effective Forecast” published in Harvard Business Review, which changes dynamically in all directions and dimensions. We decided to rather than focusing on the parameters and the closed form mathematical modelling of this complex universal picture and interactions, to focus on the data instead: Data has the superposition of impact of all the drivers!