Classifier/Predictive AI

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A new AI-powered service helping investors, Venture Capital firms, investment banks and financial experts to make better and more informed investment decisions. Some examples:

1. Predict whether a startup will be acquired or not (success or failures of start-ups): Having the data of hundreds of past startups including the stage of investment round A or round B, VC funding, angel funding, date of establishment, crucial milestones achieved, the number of employees, the category of activity, revenue, and many other potentially relevant data features, and knowing whether those start-ups have been acquired or closed, predict whether a new start-up will be acquired or closed.


2. Predict the investment most suitable for certain client:

Knowing thousands of past clients’ age, job, demographic, gender, income, banking history, banking activity, investment history and investment activity, stock options owned, properties owned and knowing which class of investment (I1, I2 and I3) suited most for those individuals in past, predict which investment class will be most suitable for a new client.


and any other binary or multi-class investment related classification or prediction use cases.

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